Hello! Welcome to my blog, having never blogged before i've got no clue what i'm doing.

I'm also not the biggest fan of digital diary writing, i think there really is nothing better than a bit of old fashioned hand writing. So my main premise here is to (hopefully) show you my sketch book with all its writings and drawings, and let you in to my journey in becoming what ever it is that i'm going to become!

Friday, 9 April 2010

From Liz in Ibiza to Boris on a bike...

i've realised that I'm pretty crap at all this blogging non-sense but never-the-less (actual word???) here's my latest update...
it's all a bit hickledy pickledy at the minute I'm working on a few ideas mainly holiday snaps of liz in Ibiza and my sister in Kumburgaz, very different works but thats to be expected at the moment. my favourite bit of working is my 'London Heart Throbs' consisting of Pat Butcher and Boris Johnson both of whom i absolutely adore!!! To be added to this collection is Fat Elvis off of Eastenders and Toby Anstis.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

This blogging situation is actually quite fun!
I’m making a blog about how I’m drawing and writing stuff in a little blue book I bought from london graphic centre about 3 months ago, there were other things I bought that day but in an effort not to bore anyone reading into a coma I wont list. But I do actually find a trip to a stationary shop possibly as exciting as anything I can possibly imagine being exciting!! Again I digress, and it’s this very tendency to go on a bit that leads me to post pictures of my book rather than type what i think...
I’ll finish this post by simply saying i hope you like my pictures, but if you don’t, please don’t crucify me!! I will probably get better i promise!!!!!